1 year ago

Joe Mauer has been sidelined with concussion symptoms since August 19th. Today the MInneapolis Star-Tribune’s La Velle Neal reported that Mauer “is still experiencing concussion symptoms and is not close to returning to the lineup.”

Here’s a small sampling of Star-Tribune readers’ reactions to the news:

  • "This is why you NEVER agree to a long term HUGE dollar contract with a catcher. He’s been hurt more than he’s been on the field, oh and he can’t hit a HR to save his life any longer!"
  • "What a China Doll."
  • "Why is it so important to keep him? He is a Florida resident with no desire."
  • "Sorry, but given Mauer’s track record with health it’s hard to not be skeptical of his pain tolerance. I know concussions are nothing to mess with, but you lose credibility when you cry wolf over 8+seasons every time you have an ouchie."

Read the rest: "Mauer continues to deal with concussion symptoms"

NOTE: Granted, these quotes are pulled from a newspaper website’s comments section, but I’ve heard the same sentiments on talk radio, at taverns, and even in the stands at Target Field since 2011.