11 months ago

LOU REED: “I couldn’t have been unhappier in the eight years I spent growing up in Brooklyn. But I say that not having realized what it would then be like being on Long Island, which was infinitely worse. And if there was probably a childhood trauma that I had other than the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn, which if you think about it is a reason why some of us are imbued with a cynicism that we never recovered from. Obviously you’re not a Mets fan, and you can’t possibly be a Yankees fan, so baseball’s eliminated from your life because of being born in Brooklyn.”

OFF-CAMERA INTERVIEWER:You cared about the Dodgers as a kid?

LOU REED: “Very much. I don’t know why. I don’t like baseball. Of course, maybe I don’t like baseball because the Dodgers aren’t here anymore.”

- from Blue in the Face (1995), via echenblog h/t @Josh_Wilker